1 to 1 Classroom Ideas/Management Strategies

 Getting attention in a laptop classroom: http://fno.org/nov08/attention.html#Culture


Maine's 1-to-1 initiative: http://www.maine.gov/mlti/index.shtml

Main Program Handbook: 

Maine International Center for Digital Learning, with videos on Getting Started:  http://www.micdl.org/resources/87


 Irving Independent School District (ISD) website: 

·      Starter Activities, ELA, Math, Science, HSS, and Electives, Irving ISD: 

·      Classroom Management video series: 

·      Subject area integration: http://www.irvingisd.net/one2one/subject_area.htm

K12Converge: http://www.k12converge.com/?p=118


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Lilla G Frederick Pilot Middle School's 1-to-1 strategies

10 Ways to Become an Inspirational Teacher, article by Tech & Learning, 
    November 17, 2009.


Edutopia’s Ten Top Tips for Teaching with New Media: http://www.edutopia.org/ten-top-tips


Review of State and National Laptop Initiatives: http://etc.usf.edu/l4l/a-review.html


Lessons Learned About Providing Laptops for All Students: http://www.neirtec.org/laptop/


Fullerton USD 1-to-1 resources: http://fsd.k12.ca.us/menus/1to1/links.html


Multimedia in the classroom: http://fcit.usf.edu/multimedia/deliver/deliverb.html


One-to-One Learning Culture, NING in Education: 


Helping laptops programs work: http://1-to-1learning.blogspot.com/

Alberta 1-to-1 learning program: 

One-to-One computing programs only as effective as their teachers, by Meris Stansbury - Associate Editor, eSchoolNews, February 16, 2010.

Going 1:1: Top 5 Insights from ASB Unplugged by Kim Cofino:  http://www.techlearning.com/blogs/28336

School uses 1:1 technology to enhance math, language and science: 

St Paul Academy and Summit School - Middle School Technology: 


Edutopia:  10 Top Tips for Teaching with New Media